Q: How long does my order take to ship?

A: Using the free shipping method, your order can be expected at your doorstep between 2-5 business days after placing the orders. Using express shipping only takes about 5-7 business days


Q: Are you shipping worldwide?

A: Yes our entire store is and will always be available worldwide.


Q: How much do you charge for shipping?

A: We highly appreciate and value our customers. Therefore we have chosen to include shipping in all orders even if you live on an other planet🪐.


Q: I've sent an e-mail and haven't had a response yet?

A: Sadly, we do not respond back to e-mails over the weekend. We respond to e-mails as quickly as we can however during high volume launches/sales please expect to hear back within 48-72 hours. 


Q: I want to purchase an item that is out of stock, when will it be availible again?

A: Due to the high demand of our popular products, they do tend to sell out quickly. We've even had some products sell out in less than an hour! While certain products are very exclusive and only released once. Most of our items are restocked regularly.


Q: I received a wrong/defective product?

A: We are sorry to hear this. Customer satisfaction is our biggest priority. Please start your return/exchange through our contact us page, so we can take care of you!


Q: Are you dropshipping?

A: Due to contrary beliefs, we have received much backlash for "dropshipping." We are delighted to tell you that we do not associate with dropshipping. Yes, we have had a lot of significant delays, and we are sorry. These delays were purely based on inexperience and putting something up for sale before even having it on hand. We've learned a lot these last 4-5 months. However, this is officially over. No more long delivery times, no more not answering customers' emails. We have surpassed that and are ready to take the next step.


For other questions, contact us